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quarta-feira, abril 30, 2003

Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy
By Dr. Frank

I don't have much in common with the man from old Najaf.
I think I understand him though I guess I could be off.
America is beautiful and flawed,
Inspiring, contradictory, and odd.

democracy, whiskey, sexy.
democracy, whiskey, sexy.

Did you see them pull the statue down how did it look to you?
Did you see them hit the picture of a monster with a shoe?
America was flying through the skies.
America was streaming from my eyes.

democracy, whiskey, sexy.
democracy, whiskey, sexy.

Our day is just his night, but I want him to be right.
So I'll drink to him
Please don't let him down.

Anything can happen, and it's complicated, but,
I can tell the future from a feeling in my gut.

democracy, whiskey, sexy.
democracy, Democracy, expedience, idealism, hope, sexy, whiskey.

Via Captain Mojo